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office of Registrar of Newspapers for India

Government of India
Applications verified till Entry date: 20 November, 2018 -::- Site Last Updated on 04 December, 2018


Directive to all registered newspapers/publications
Penalty notice for non-submission of Annual Statement
Dak receiving time at CPU (Room no. 945) of RNI: 11 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm only
Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls Intensive Nature-2019
Kind Attention Publishers
Tender Notice :- Disposal of Waste Newspapers (Raddi) on, as is where is basis
Attention : Publishers -Issuance of Certificate of Registration Regarding.
Tender Notice Regarding disposal of waste newspapers (Raddi)
KIND ATTENTION OF PUBLISHERS: Regional PIB Offices are entrusted ONLY with regularity monitoring and circulation check of newspapers. Title verification and issue of Registration Certificate will be carried out by RNI Headquarter directly.
Delegation of Powers for Circulation verification to Regional PIB Units
Delegation of Powers to Regional PIB Units to carry out authentication of the self declaration certificate submitted by the publisher/owner for import of Newsprint
Deblocking of Unregistered Titles- Reg
Advisory to Publishers regarding visiting hours
Notice : Guideline for Titles of Journals- Reg
Advisory : Registration & Submission of Annual Statement 2017-18
Office Shifting
The following publications have filed their online annual statements with the Office of RNI for the financial year 2016-17.
Title Verification Guideline- Reg
State Wise Incomplete/Incorrect Registration applications list
Need for self addressed/self affixed postage stamp-registration application-regarding.
Attention Publishers: De-blocking of unregistered title till Dec 31st2015.
Kind Attention for Publishers
Kind Attention Publishers : Titles Deblocked
Import of Newsprint
Circulation Verification
Filing of Annual statement (2017-18)
Advisory: Adherence to the emblems and names (Prevention of Improper use) Act, 1950, By Newspapers
Deblocking of Unregistered Titles
Notice: Time Span to Complete Registration Process
Latest Policy guidelines by M/O I&B (2016) for circulation Check/ Verification by RNI.
Important: Guidelines for Visitors
Closure of field offices of RNI and re-designation of the PIB officers as Addl-Dy-Asstt Press Registrar
Revised Advisory to Publishers Dated: 29.09.2016
RNI does not have any authorized agent/indentor, nor authorizes/allows third party to import newsprint.
Regarding Foreign Tie-up Affidavit.
Applicants/publishers may please note that the visiting timings stand changed as 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM on all working days.
Attention:- Publishers
OM regarding Circulation Verification Certificate The publisher may submit their application for circulation verification to the concerned regional /branch PIB Units
Important notice on Registration Certificate issue; Incorrect/Inadequate documents to be rejected
Advisory :- Publisher may kindly ignore any title rejection SMS received from RNI on 10th September 2018. Inconvenience regretted for the technical glitch.

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