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Newsprint Import Policy: List of Scheduled Paper Mills

Notification Regarding Import of NewsPrint

The present newsprint policy of the Government of India is as follows:

a)      Not less than one-third of the annual production of indigenous newsprint will be reserved for small and medium newspapers.

b)      Import of newsprint is allowed to actual users.

Import of Newsprint

As per the current policy of the Government,   any registered newspaper would be eligible to import newsprint. For this, the publisher/owner of a newspaper is required to have a certificate of eligibility from the RNI, on the basis of which the import will be allowed. Applications for the purpose may be submitted to RNI in the format given as Annexure-VI. The application should be accompanied by

a.       two copies of the latest Certificate of Registration of the newspaper

b.      an attested copy of the Annual Statement for the previous calendar year

c.       one specimen issue for each month of the preceding 12 months from the date of application. However, newspapers which have not completed one year after commencement and registration need not submit the documents mentioned at (b) and (c). In such cases, apart from the documents mentioned at (a), one specimen issue for each completed month of publication should be submitted.  

Import of Printing Machinery/Material

The procedure for import of these items are formulated by the Ministry of Commerce, and are contained in the Handbook of Rules and Procedures for  Import and Export, issued by that Ministry. As per current procedure, the Press Registrar only advises the Ministry of Commerce regarding the essentiality of an import of printing machinery. As regards import licenses for specialized requirements like graphic art films etc. at concessional rates of customs duty under the budget provisions, the annual entitlement/requirement of newspapers is decided by the Press Registrar.

A publisher intending to import printing machinery/allied material can apply to the Press Registrar for the essentiality certificate in the format at Annexure VII.

Have you imported newsprint ? Submit Returns !!!

The publisher/owner of a newspaper should submit only annual returns by 30th April for the period ending 31st March, indicating the quantity of imported newsprint purchased and consumed during the relevant periods as per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's notification Number 29, dated, 28.01.2004. The returns should be duly certified by a Chartered Accountant. A specimen form of the return is given in Annexure-VIII.

Failure to submit the returns in time or submission of false information will disqualify the newspaper for authentication of Certificate of Registration for import of newsprint.